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As the pandemic rages on in King County, so too do some types of crimes. Case in point – Car-jackings. They are up 40% in King County. Unfortunately, with this type of crime, violence is often involved. For example – last Saturday, shots were fired during an attempted carjacking and on Tuesday a man in Georgetown tried to stop armed men from stealing his car by perilously holding on to it as the thieves were making their getaway.

Obviously, with the aid of masks (due to the pandemic) carjackers are harder to recognize and/or identify. Moreover, with people staying indoors there are less witnesses around to see a car-jacking even take place. All this increases the likelihood that someone may feel more comfortable taking another’s property without being ID’d.

Sadly, compared to some metropolitan areas, King County’s rise in carjacking is considered low. During the Covid-19 pandemic, car-jackings have risen a whopping 126% in New Orleans, 134% in Chicago and 537% in Minneapolis. So, although King County’s numbers seem high, they are well below many other major US cities … no doubt, a scary thought.

In these trying times, it is important to remember – your life is more important than your car, even if it is your ‘baby’. Be safe. Don’t be a vigilante. In short, avoid confrontation if in a car-jacking situation.

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