Acting Goofy Not so Fun

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SQ Attorneys

There is no doubt that people do all sorts of goofy things when they are inebriated, that goes without saying. But calling 911 to report yourself driving under the influence? That takes a special kind of goofy, right? Well in a stranger than fiction type of moment that is exactly what happened last month in Utah.
According to police reports, a belching woman in Utah was arrested for DUI after calling 911 to report a ‘drunk driver’. The Utah police caught up with the reportedly drunk driver – and low and behold – it turned out to be non-other than the 911 caller herself.

The 32-year-old woman was, of course, arrested. During the call that lead to her arrest, the woman – through belches and fits of laughter – allegedly described both herself and her car to the dispatcher while claiming she was following the drunk driver. After being spotted by officers, the woman allegedly tried to run away on foot, but she was too intoxicated to get away. Back at the car, officers found a nearly empty bottle of good ol’ Fireball whiskey.

Needless to say, the woman was charged with DUI and for all of her efforts, she was convicted and sentenced to 12 days in jail, a $1,260 fine and 12 months of probation. No doubt, that fateful phone call is one goofy thing this inebriated woman wishes she never did.

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