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Is the Caution Against Racial and Exploitative Non-Emergencies Act (otherwise known as, “CAREN”) legislation about to become law in San Francisco? If so, can Seattle be far behind? Today the San Francisco Board of Supervisors will decide. CAREN came about because the people of San Francisco are simply fed up with white people calling 911 about people of color selling water bottles, barbecuing or otherwise going about their daily lives. They consider it unwarranted harassment.

The acronym CAREN is a nod to a widespread meme using the name “Karen” to describe a specific type of white, middle-aged woman, who exhibits behaviors that stem from privilege such as using the police to target people of color. It is hoped that the legislation will caution people in the future against turning to 911 for trivial, unwarranted, bogus claims related to racial bias. It is another move towards social justice and equality.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors aims to eradicate what is perceived to be an established pattern of disparate treatment of Black people and other people of color. The San Francisco legislation gives people the right to sue the caller in civil court. The discrimination evidenced need not be race based; it can also be due to the person’s sex, age, religion, disability, gender identity, weight, or height. Most certainly racial and other biases are not just quarantined to San Francisco, they are systemic and nationwide. Thus, it is only a matter of time that other cities like Seattle move to take measures similar to San Francisco.

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