A Palm-Greasing Gone Awry

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

Earlier this month – before all of this stay-at-home business – an intoxicated man in Yakima County, Washington, who was involved in a fender bender, allegedly had the ingenious idea of bribing a WSP trooper so he could avoid being arrested for DUI. Note to self (and a word to those who are wise), Washington law enforcement isn’t open to the concept of bribery; As most know, we don’t live in the Gilded Age of the late 1800’s. The 66 year old man, unfortunately, found out the hard way that we live in the 2000’s, and attempting to bribe an officer will surely land you in the county clink.

Perhaps the gentleman’s .167 BAC (more than twice the legal limit, if you believe the ink on the BAC ticket) impugned his judgment – after all he apparently confused the US legal system with that of Mexico when he said, “can we do this like they do in Mexico?” Curious, the trooper inquired what the man meant. To which the man went on to explain that he had money and would pay the trooper $1,000 to let him go. Lest it be said, that was a very bad idea. To make matters even worse the man repeated his ‘offer’ and told the trooper that he could meet him the next day at the Sunnyside Banner Bank for the payment. And, once arrested, he even increased his ‘offer’ to $2,000. Welp … the man was not released (to his chagrin) … he didn’t pass go … and he did go straight to jail, where he was unceremoniously booked not only for suspicion of DUI but also attempted bribery. One can probably guess, the moral of this story is: if you are in a legal pickle, don’t make matters worse by trying to bribe your way out of an already bad situation, unless – of course – you like the feel of steel bracelets on your wrists and bars covering your windows … just sayin’.

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