A New Obligation on the Horizon?

When someone is convicted of a DUI in Washington there are a lot of things he is required to do. For instance, he will be required to at least do a 24 hour stint in jail, pay a fine of $350 (plus court costs, fees and assessments), and attend an 8 hour alcohol/ drug information class. If Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Luque had it his way, he would add one more obligation to the list.

Deputy Chris Luque has been with the Clark County Sheriff’s office five years, doing traffic stops on top of his normal 911 calls and assignments as a drug-recognition expert. He got into traffic enforcement because he saw it as the best opportunity to change driver behavior and keep the motoring public safe.

About a year ago, Deputy Luque created a two-hour multimedia presentation on impaired and reckless driving, which he presents at driver-education sessions, hoping to inspire new drivers to adopt safe behaviors. He also teaches a refresher course for driver’s education teachers, along with an impaired-driving class at the Clark County Skills Center. Deputy Luque has done about 110 presentations to nearly 2,200 students.

Deputy Luque is a big fan of prevention and of organizing multiagency efforts emphasizing traffic safety. So it goes without saying that undoubtedly Deputy Luque would love to have the legislature mandate that anyone convicted of a DUI related crime be required to attend his multimedia presentation on impaired and/or reckless driving. With the significant increases in DUI “crackdowns” across our state, it is entirely possible that Deputy Luque’s multimedia presentation will become part of Washington’s DUI sentencing landscape.

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