6 year Sentence in Fatal DUI Crash

An 18 year old woman who was recently convicted for driving under the influence, crashing her car, and killing three of her best friends, has been sentenced to nearly six years in prison.

The families of the three victims are outraged, and believe that despite the judge’s refusal to follow the 18 year old’s plea agreement, the sentence was not enough; the 18 year old was sentenced to the maximum jail terms allowed by Washington State law. Island County Superior Court Judge Vickie Churchill said she was bound by the state’s sentencing limits, but not the parties’ plea agreement. Judge Churchill gave the 18 year old the maximum sentence of 68 months in prison.

We all love our children greatly, and we all ourselves have been a child. As such, we know what it is like growing up and being “young and impressionable”. As parents the best that we can do is guide our children, as they say … “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it”. In other words, sometimes our best “proactive” or “preventative” efforts are simply not enough. Although true, it is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about – it’s just a fact. Regardless, we must be vigilant in protecting our children’s rights and interests; we cannot let a mistake destroy their future.

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