Man Down – For the Public Good

SQ Attorneys

SQ Attorneys

In all the years of doing this business, one thing has become quite clear … a great number of folks are just plain suspicious of police officers. They don’t trust that officers are truly ‘protectors’ of the public.  Well … a Spokane incident last week has probably done nothing to dissuade their beliefs … this is so even though the officer’s employment was terminated. The Spokane Police Department (‘SPD‘) terminated the officer because last year he had the audacity to kick a handcuffed suspect in the genitals during an arrest.

SPD’s decision came after the prosecutor’s office declined to file an assault charge against the officer claiming that the victim refused to cooperate. Based on some concerns raised during the prosecutor’s assessment of the case, namely – that the officer’s actions appeared ‘retaliatory’ and ‘intentional’, rather than in an effort to protect himself or the public at large – SPD conducted its own internal investigation of the officer. Upon completion of its investigation, a panel of police officials made disciplinary recommendations. The police chief relied upon the officials’ recommendations to make his final decision to terminate the officer because the officer had violated clear SPD policy.

So … although some may feel that police officers are ‘dirty’, we can at least say – in this particular instance – that the ‘powers that be’ did the right thing – they eliminated an officer  from the force who was not cut out for the job.

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