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SQ Attorneys

It is now official within the city limits of Seattle, landlords will soon be barred from excluding people with criminal records from renting their property; they will be barred from asking about criminal records on rental applications and screening potential tenants based on their criminal history. This is so because on Monday the Seattle City Council approved an ordinance prohibiting the act of rejecting people due to their records. The ordinance will take effect 150 days after being signed by the mayor.

In short, landlords will be required to demonstrate a ‘legitimate business interest’ when denying a potential tenant the ability to rent or lease their property. As with any ordinance, there are exceptions. For instance, Landlords will be able to deny people rental property which are listed on sex-offender registries, and landlords who rent part of their home, or who share space with a tenant, will be exempt.

The primary purpose of the ordinance is to stem recidivism rates of crime by giving these folks a place to live and not simply put them on the streets – homeless. Rental applicants who feel wronged can file complaints with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights. A first time violation will carry with it a maximum penalty of $11,000, a second time violation within five years will carry with it a maximum penalty of $27,500, and a third time violation within seven years will carry a maximum penalty of $55,000.

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