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Criminal Laws Can Impact Anyone

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Passage of a New Criminal Justice Bill

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Earlier this week the US Senate passed a significant and sweeping criminal justice bill. The concern was the imprisonment of far too many Americans for non-violent related crimes, specifically drug crimes. These folks go to prison but upon release are ill prepared to return to society and are at great risk of reoffending. The bill… Continue Reading »

DUI’s and Diabetes

Diabetes is a troubling disease, no doubt. And it can be a real challenge for someone stopped for DUI. This is so because diabetic reactions can often cause the outward symptoms that mimic, or otherwise mirror, intoxication – the tell-tale signs of … flushed face, drowsiness, impaired coordination, slurred speech, impaired motor control and even… Continue Reading »

VAWA to Lapse

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Word is out that the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) will not be extended by Congress, and will thus lapse for the first time in 25 years. The lapse is a direct result of not being included in a two week stopgap government spending bill.  The VAWA supported victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.… Continue Reading »

Crime Related Treatment Auhorized

Can a Washington State criminal court order participation in a crime related treatment program so as to lessen the risk of re-offense and/or to promote the basic fundamental concept of community safety? Recently, a Washington State criminal court found (pursuant to RCW 9.94A.703) that a court may require an offender to “[p]articipate in crime-related treatment… Continue Reading »

DUI and the Immigration Attorney

When representing non-citizens that are accused of criminal conduct, Seattle criminal defense attorneys are generally aware there are potential immigration consequences their client may be facing. That said, it is always best that the person confer with an attorney who focuses his/her practice on immigration law. This is so because immigration attorneys are more versed… Continue Reading »

More Clarification on Records

Recently a Pierce County Superior Court Judge ruled that names of people in crime related police incident reports are public records, and this is true even if the report involves patients at psychiatric hospitals, i.e. Western State Hospital. Judge Nevin found that, “[p]olice reports are not health-care records, and suspects in criminal actions are not patients,… Continue Reading »

Busted in Kent

Last week the Kent Police Department notified 18 massage parlors within the city limits that they were being shut down. Although a lot, these are not all the massage parlors in Kent, Washington. The shut downs were the result of a month’s long investigation into these 18 massage establishments being fronts for prostitution. Some of… Continue Reading »

Sometimes Tough to Define

When it comes to driving under the influence charges, it is common for an accused to be shocked that they are facing a possible DUI conviction. After all, many feel fine to drive and may have only consumed what they believed was an amount of alcohol (or marijuana and/or other drugs) that would not put… Continue Reading »

Dangers Extend Beyond Just the Victim

Domestic violence 911 calls are generally deemed dangerous for not only the alleged victim, but also the law enforcement officers that respond to the call. What is less understood, however, is that these same calls also can sometimes be equally dangerous for the one allegedly doing the abuse/ violence.  Case in point – an emergency… Continue Reading »