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Mandatory Arrests in DV Cases

Our Washington State government considers domestic violence (“DV”) to be a big problem in our state. Washington law requires that in DV related cases a police officer responding to an incident of domestic violence make an arrest if the officer has probable cause to believe that a domestic violence assault or other serious domestic violence… Continue Reading »

New DUI Law Allows for Involuntary Blood Draw

A new law that took effect Aug. 1 in Washington allows State Patrol troopers to have blood drawn from drunken driving suspects, even if they won’t give it voluntarily. This allows repeat drunken driving cases to be handled as felonies from the time of arrest. Felony DUI carries a 5-year sentence, versus 1-year for misdemeanor… Continue Reading »

New DUI Law

A new DUI law took effect on August 1, 2012 in Washington State. The new law allows State Patrol troopers to have blood drawn from drunken driving suspects, even if they won’t give a blood sample voluntarily. It is thought that this new law allows repeat drunken driving cases to be handled as felonies from… Continue Reading »

What is an SOC?

It is relatively common in many Western Washington district and municipal courts to have a case resolved by way of a Stipulated Order of Continuance (SOC). A SOC is a negotiated outcome by which a defendant enters into a contractual agreement with the state or city government that is prosecuting the case against him. If… Continue Reading »

Advertisement to Legalize and Tax Marijuana Begins

A group pushing a measure to legalize and tax marijuana in Washington state is launching a three-week television ad campaign. New Approach Washington, the group behind Initiative 502, says the advertisement will begin airing throughout Western Washington on Wednesday of this week. The advertisement features a woman who says she doesn’t like marijuana, but it’s… Continue Reading »

DUI Emphasis Patrols, 2012?

Although there have not been a lot of posted alerts or notices this year about increased DUI patrols during Seafair weekend, it can only be presumed that it is yet again — tis’ the season for BUI/ DUI emphasis patrols. As in years past, Washington State law-enforcement agencies will undoubtedly be patrolling Lake Washington, and… Continue Reading »

Ex-mayor and Current Snohomish County Council Chair Arrested for DUI

Brian Sullivan, chairman of the Snohomish County Council, former Mukilteo mayor and a former state lawmaker, was arrested Thursday night for investigation of DUI in Mukilteo. The incident began when Mukilteo police received a 911 call at about 7:50 p.m. reporting a suspected drunk driver heading south on the Mukilteo Speedway. The caller said the… Continue Reading »

Arrested for DUI

On July 26, 2012, Mukilteo police arrested Snohomish County Council Chair Brian Sullivan for driving under the influence. Mr. Sullivan allegedly had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. Councilman Sullivan is currently running in the August primary election for a one-month term in the 1st Congressional District seat Jay Inslee previously vacated… Continue Reading »

The Unfortunate Consequences of Violating a No Contact Order

Under most circumstances a willful violation of a no contact order (“NCO”) is a gross misdemeanor in Washington State. This means that a person charged with a NCO violation faces up to a 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. Moreover, since violating a “Domestic Violence” no contact order is itself labeled a crime… Continue Reading »

No Charges Filed

Although there is a big difference between how much evidence is necessary to file criminal charges and how much evidence is needed to prove a person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the government often errors on the side of filing criminal charges and worrying about what proof problems they may have after the fact. In… Continue Reading »