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It Can Happen to ANYONE

If it can happen to you, then it can happen to them … and it actually did earlier this month. Two off-duty Seattle police officers were arrested for investigation of driving under the influence after they allegedly switched seats in a car believed to be involved in a hit-and-run collision. One of the officers allegedly… Continue Reading »

Holiday DUI Emphasis Patrols Up and Running

The holiday season is once again upon us. And for law enforcement that means increased drunk driving patrols and more DUI investigations in and around Washington State. As an example of this, public records indicate that more than 50 people were arrested for drunken driving during the Thanksgiving week. One of these arrests actually included… Continue Reading »

Assault and Domestic Violence

A domestic violence assault is considered to be any assault that occurs between family or household members, or between people who have, or have had, a dating relationship. An assault in Washington State is defined as any intentional touching of another person that is harmful or offensive. A touching is considered offensive if it would… Continue Reading »

IID Exemption – Driving for Work

When someone loses his privilege to drive in Washington State due to a DUI arrest, he may be permitted to operate a motor vehicle during the suspension period so long as he obtains an ignition interlock license (IIL). This, of course, requires the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) into any vehicle he intends… Continue Reading »

Thieves Target Holiday Shoppers

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, it’s prime time for crooks to pounce. That’s why Puyallup police launched new patrols to make sure shoppers’ cars don’t become targets for thieves. As they try to prevent thefts, they spot some major mistakes by some shoppers that make it easier for thieves. It’s part of… Continue Reading »

Credit for IID?

In many Washington State DUI related cases, courts are now requiring that an ignition interlock device (hereafter, “IID”) be installed in the defendant’s vehicle as a part of the court’s “conditions of release” pending the outcome of the defendant’s case. The natural question that has arisen from this onerous and expensive pre-trial obligation is: Can… Continue Reading »


DUI cases can come in many shapes, sizes and forms. The .08 legal limit is simply a “per se” legal limit in Washington State. In other words, if a suspected DUI driver has a breath or blood test that is .08 or greater he is considered to be driving under the influence regardless of whether he… Continue Reading »

What does that Punched Hole Mean?

A Washington State driver cited for DUI is virtually guaranteed to have his Washington State driver’s license punched. What he might not know, however, is that this “hole” doesn’t invalidate his driving privilege. In Washington State a driver’s license is still valid for at least 60 days from the date of a DUI or Physical… Continue Reading »

When DUI means Prison, not Jail

On Friday November 2, 2012, a Yakima man was formerly charged and arraigned for allegedly committing his eighth DUI. The man has seven DUI convictions and two vehicular assault convictions. On this new DUI charge, the man is facing a class C felony and the possibility of doing eight years in prison if convicted of… Continue Reading »

Must an Accused Appear at Arraignment?

The initial appearance before a judge in a criminal district or municipal court case involves the defendant being “arraigned”. At arraignment, the charges against the defendant are read, a lawyer is appointet (if the defendant cannot afford one), and the defendant enters a plea of not guilty or guilty. In some types of criminal proceedings… Continue Reading »