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Vindication Unmuted

A Benton County District Court judge recently dismissed a DUI conviction and returned $4,600 in fines for a deaf man who was arrested five years ago on suspicion of DUI. Apparently the 33-year-old man from Snoqualmie, William M. Kral, successfully appealed his DUI conviction on the grounds that there was no sign language interpreter when… Continue Reading »

DUI Happens

We here at SQ Attorneys have said it before and we say it here again, anyone can be arrested, cited and/or charged with DUI. Some recent cases to bring our point home: Rapper Flo Rida, Los Angeles Dodger’s first baseman James Loney and Detroit Pistons center Ben Wallace were each recently arrested and/or charged for… Continue Reading »

DUI Coffee Sleeves

‘Tis the season – As of December 9, 2011, Snohomish County’s DUI & Target Zero Task Force and local law enforcement agencies have been distributing coffee sleeves to area coffee stands in an effort to raise awareness about drinking and driving this holiday season. The campaign was made possible through a $1,000 traffic safety grant… Continue Reading »

Upgrade to Crime Fighting on the Way

Law enforcement is trying to streamline its ability to enforce the laws of Washington State and crack down on crime. An example of this “streamlining” is the replacement of outdated radio systems. The Washington State Patrol says it can replace its radio system for at least $12 million less than expected under a plan that… Continue Reading »

Holiday DUI Patrols

The holiday season is finally upon us, and the following are some choice words from the Washington State Patrol via as espoused over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend: (1) “We’re thankful for safe drivers! Please choose a safe ride home for yourself, family, and friends over the Thanksgiving weekend. Extra DUI officers will be out… Continue Reading »

Prosecutor DUI'd

According to the Washington State Patrol, Jim Hagarty, a Yakima County prosecutor arrested for Driving Under the Influence this past week, had breath test results of .106 and .109. The legal per se limit in Washington State is .08. Washington State Patrol troopers arrested Hagarty after he was allegedly involved in a rear-end collision Tuesday… Continue Reading »

An Increase in Tribal Court Authority?

A high-level Justice Department official recently pushed for tribal courts to have more power in prosecuting non-Indians in domestic violence cases that arise on tribal land, saying the lack of authority has meant many serious crimes have gone unprosecuted. Tribal leaders, police officers and prosecutors say something must be done to stop the cycle of… Continue Reading »

Criminal Activity on the Rise?

Small towns across the U.S. that are currently enjoying a boom in oil and gas drilling are also dealing with a sharp increase in drunken driving, bar fights and other spikes in alleged criminal violations. Some blame this increase on the influx of young men who find themselves with lots of money in their pockets… Continue Reading »

Gun Restrictions Signed into Law by California's Governor

Amid heavy opposition from gun enthusiasts, the State of California recently became the fifth state to prohibit openly carrying handguns in public. Is the State of Washington far behind? California’s bill makes it a misdemeanor to carry an exposed and unloaded handgun in public or in vehicles. Violators could face up to a year in… Continue Reading »

California's New Prison Realignment Law

In early October, the State of California passed a revamped sentencing law. California’s revised sentencing law will send those convicted of nonviolent or non-serious crimes to county jails instead of state prison; it is a change designed to save the state money and is aimed at reducing inmate over-crowding. Interestingly, California lawmakers had to move… Continue Reading »