107 – An Unlucky Number for SPD



As tv shows like 20/20, 60 Minutes, 48 Hours and Dateline have all proven over the years – DNA solves cases, both recent and ‘cold’. Heck, 20/20 just had a show about the notorious Mandy Stavik murder case in Whatcom County, Washington. That 1989 cold case was solved with DNA. The guilty culprit, Timothy Forrest Bass, started his sentence in July of this year, and he is not scheduled for release until January 2036.

Although it wasn’t the case with Bass and his DNA (which was obtained from a cup he used that was provided to police by a coworker), DNA samples are often obtained from folks when they are convicted of crimes – such as, for example, DV assault. Once obtained, these DNA samples are stored and put into a database; they can be compared to DNA samples in other unsolved crimes – present, future and past. That is if they aren’t accidentally or inadvertently destroyed – which is exactly what happened with more than 100 DNA swabs maintained by the Seattle Police Department.

Last week the SPD confessed to inexcusably destroying 107 DNA samples. The swabs, along with another 548, were being held in SPD’s evidence warehouse awaiting transfer to the WSP Crime Lab. Now the inspector general’s office has been asked to review the SPD’s screw up. Presumably there will be a modification to SPD’s policies and procedures for maintaining DNA samples prior to transport to Washington State’s ‘gatekeeper’ of DNA – the WSP Crime Lab. We shall see what transpires after the inspector general’s review.

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